Energy Upgrades


Highly automated environments rely on electrical power to ensure operations run smoothly and reliably; however, many of those systems were originally designed to solve an engineering challenge with a focus on speed, safety or accuracy. In original system designs that have been in service for a few years, it is rare that there was high concern for energy consumption at the time they were designed. Triune works regularly to review systems from the ground up to determine opportunities to conserve energy and reduce operating costs. Most commonly investigated are lighting systems, HVAC systems and pump or fan motors to find opportunities for cost reduction with a rapid ROI. Triune looks deeper into these systems and evaluates the entire facility to find the best opportunities to shed and balance loads to tune the entire system for maximum benefit and savings.

Many customers are participating in existing power reduction programs and may have already made changes to reap the rewards of reduced energy consumption, but Triune’s team can go beyond the basics and find opportunities to eliminate peak demands and yield a greater payback than even new equipment can provide.

Contact Triune Electric to learn more about how we can apply our years of experience and our sophistication in energy intelligence to produce excellent savings and benefit to most any operation.


For large industrial customers who have significant usage levels, peak shaving can help:

  • Save money by reducing the peak demand penalty that our utility charges for times of highest usage.
  • >10% to 30% demand cost savings depending on the type and flexibility of the loads.

The investment in peak shaving systems can pay for themselves in less than a year for large users (i.e. >5MVA).


Collecting data on various systems and analyzing it can be a tremendous challenge. These challenges are easily overcome with technology solutions that can determine which data are good data to be analyzed, and then collecting it from various sources so that an entire system can be reviewed and historical facts are always a part of the consideration set. Triune partners with key industry automation specialists to setup and deploy sophisticated monitoring and evaluation software that will reduce the cost of collecting and preparing the data for analysis, and ensure that you have real time information that is both reliable and accurate.

From single line applications to entire multi-line manufacturing systems, energy intelligence is the key to decision making. Triune can ensure that the information you collect and review is the right information to make the decisions that keep you ahead of your competition and your operations sustainable for the future.

Industrial AC/DC Motor Management NC

  • Blowers

  • ID/FD fans

  • Compressors

  • Pumps

Adding properly specified Variable Frequency Drives, VFD, to motors, blowers, fans, compressors and pumps is often one of the best ways to eliminate spikes and energy consumption by removing the motor starter hardware originally installed on these devices. But that’s not the extent of the savings opportunity. Managing the function, timing, and load on these motors can be achieved with advanced controllers and networked information managed through a software system. Triune will evaluate each individual component within a manufacturing operation, and then make the determinations necessary to integrate or isolate them to boost efficiency and drive down the operating costs.

All of our work starts with an evaluation and establishing a set of goals for your specific organization. For your industrial AC/DC motor management in NC needs, call on Triune Electric to conduct an analysis and help drive more dollars to the bottom line.


With so many technology advancements in lighting, there are more choices than ever to meet the brightness, color accuracy and efficiency all with tremendous value and ROI for the customer. Triune starts with evaluating the lighting requirements of your facility and determines any improvements required to gain safety, quality, or enhanced visibility, then evaluates the options to get you the best return on your investment. Lighting investments are one of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs and improve quality or environmental factors for a company. Selecting the right hardware isn’t as simple as determining the least expensive. Triune can apply specialized calculations to evaluate the costs and benefits to determine how to produce real savings and real results for your company.