LICENSE & CERTIFICATION Triune is a proud member of many licensing and certification
bodies. They not only demonstrate our commitment to safety
and the correct protocols, they require our company to meet
the highest standards available in the industry. Our continued
membership and certification in these organizations act as a
stamp of approval that every Triune job is a job well done.
Our unparalleled standard on safety starts from the top down.
In addition to their decades of experience, our key management
staff is trained and certified in all relevant areas and they will
frequently perform surprise job-site visits to ensure this standard
of safety is always enforced. In addition to the extensive training
and certifications that all of our employees are responsible for,
we also train our staff for each project and job site.
QUALITY CONTROL TESTING To ensure that no stone is left unturned and that the entire job
is verified complete by our rigid standards, we have in place a
significant quality control process. Why each of these items
may not apply to every job, it's certainly a demonstration of our
ability to meet and exceed the expectations for each and every
project that we work on.

The Industry Experts

With more than 25 controls technicians backed by an engineering team with over 75 years of combined experience, Triune Electric delivers expert power and controls installation solutions and repairs for the most demanding deadlines.


Safety Matters

Safety is more than a program or policy at Triune. It's a value. Recognized by our largest and most safety conscious customers, Triune Electric values nothing more than the safety of everyone involved in the work we do.



Few things demonstrate capability more than a job well done. The most sophisticated healthcare, manufacturing and production companies in the world trust Triune Electric to handle the installation and integration of their electrical controls systems.

Industrial Electrical Solutions

Industrial control wiring NC, safety, expertise and an unparalleled attention to detail are the pillars of success at Triune Electric. Working with some of the nation’s largest healthcare, manufacturing and production companies in the world, we have the capacity and expertise to handle even the most sophisticated installation and integration of electrical controls systems. With a staff of more than 25 controls technicians backed by an engineering team with over 75 years of combined experience, there is no job too large, no project too complex that is beyond Triune Electric.

License & Certifications

Nationally recognized by our industry, Triune Electric works tirelessly to exceed industry standards and to ensure we’ve done the best work we can do. Our industry accolades are a testament to our commitments to quality and safety in industrial control wiring NC.

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