Safety Matters


Our unparalleled standard on safety starts from the top down. In addition to their decades of experience, our key management staff is trained and certified in all relevant areas and they will frequently perform surprise job-site visits to ensure this standard of safety is always enforced. We understand that in our line of work, following proper safety protocols is a matter of life or death; this is why we have a zero tolerance policy for many of our safety procedures and policies.

In addition to the extensive training and certifications that all of our employees are responsible for, we also train our staff for each project and job site. This ensures we adhere not only to our rigid standards of safety, but yours as well.

While we hold our organization to extremely high safety standards, we rely on third-party supervisory organizations (PICS, ISNETWORLD) to ensure we are following proper procedures and to offer suggestions on how we can continuously improve our own safety measures.

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  • Management Commitment
  • Employee Involvement
  • Training & Certification of all Employees (includes new hire orientation)
  • Hazard Control and Inspections
  • Full-time Safety Director
  • Safety Manual for Industry
  • Daily Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Safety Audits
  • Pre-job Meetings
  • Progressive Disciplinary Policy
  • Company-wide, Same-day Surprise Drug Testing
  • Accident/Near Miss Investigation
  • Yearly Supervision Appraisals Tied to Safety Performance