The Industry Experts

With more than 25 controls technicians backed by an engineering team with over 75 years of combined experience, Triune Electric delivers expert power and controls installation solutions and repairs for the most demanding deadlines.

Modern manufacturing techniques and systems controls have evolved significantly, and so have your needs for reliable information to guide decision-making. Triune Electric specializes in industrial electrical power distribution, wiring and installation of the most sophisticated integrated controls systems available.

Triune has the expertise to install, test and document as-built conditions for a variety of integrated control systems and applications.

Plant UPS Systems NC


Triune is well known for the depth of resources and project planning that keeps us on schedule. Whether your need ranges from a simple service consultation to an entire plant installation, Triune has the expertise and the talent to ensure maximum uptime for your facility.

  • Diagnostic service consultation
  • Plant UPS systems in NC
  • Entire plant installation
  • Complete line retooling


From the first kick-off meeting to the final documentation and close-out, Triune will control your project through effective scope, schedule and cost management practices. We will utilize hours budgeted based on the proposal and project estimate. The Triune project manager will communicate directly with your company and will track our staff’s project time, ensuring that the project stays on time and on budget. All of this is done so you can focus on your primary responsibilities and rest assured that the installation runs smoothly and efficiently.