Electrical Installation

Industrial Electrical Distribution Panels North Carolina


Electrical installations are the core of our business, and our belief that a complicated installation requires more than a plan; it takes a seasoned team of professionals to do it right. Triune Electric is a dedicated team of professional installers and technicians that work together every day and know the capabilities of each member of the team and how best to handle a large installation. A key difference for Triune Electric, our experts are not assembled on a per-project basis, but work together full-time providing expert installations on a daily basis. When Triune Electric arrives at your facility, we are ready to work and don’t require time to get accustomed to working together.

From industrial power installations to controls wiring and industrial electrical distribution panels in North Carolina, Triune stands ready to take on projects of a scale and scope that send our competitors scrambling to subcontract out. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality and reliability of installations with the expertise to deliver on time, and stand behind it with expert service for as long as you need it.


Today’s fast paced collaborative construction environments require partnerships that can flex to the ever-changing process of design-build construction while upholding budgets and timelines that keep a project viable. With over 75 years of combined experience within our leadership team, Triune Electric understands the importance of a well-planned facility and that partnering to powering them for trouble-free operations is crucial.

Relied upon by the most demanding of contractors and customers, Triune’s team routinely stands at the core of constructing the new advanced manufacturing facilities and high-tech additions to existing operations. We are proud of the list of companies we partner with to build quality projects that meet the demands on quality and performance required to be competitive on the global scale.


  • New Construction Electrical Planning and Installation
  • Shutdown Planning and Coordination
  • Maintainability and Operability Coordination
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Project Management

Industrial Generator Sets North Carolina


The strength of an industrial controls partner can most easily be measured by their ability to comprehend the complexity of an integrated system and the experience to install and service them quickly. Triune Electric has one of the largest full time dedicated teams of terminators available in the mid-atlantic. With over 25 full-time terminators on staff, installing large systems or expediting a retrofit during a shutdown period is a step always taken in stride.

Our experience and expertise spans the precision and complexity of industries from pharmaceuticals and food production to rubber, steel and glass production. From new installs to troubleshooting, Triune Electric is a crucial partner in managing industrial uptime, efficiency, performance and quality control.

Industrial AC/DC Motor Management NC


  • Electrical Distribution Panel Maintenance
  • Motor Control Centers / Motor Controls
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Industrial Generator Sets
  • Plant UPS Systems
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • System Troubleshooting
  • PLC Replacements / New installations
  • Variable Frequency Drives – AC Motor Controls
  • Process Management Systems
  • Medium Voltage
  • Industrial Electrical Distribution Panels in North Carolina


Sophisticated Systems require definitive control, and the expertise to complete both the circuits and the feedback loops. Triune Electric specializes in industrial control systems and the implementation of both Programmable Logic Controllers and Distributed Control Systems, but our value goes far beyond a competent install. We know the importance of measuring performance, data inputs and outputs, and leveraging it all to ensure operational safety and efficiency at all times.

Some of the more common instrumentation devices and systems we install:

  • Level
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • PH
  • Conductivity
  • Position


Making a connection is just a step along the path to installation, but making the right connections to ensure the system works as intended and designed is the type of expertise you receive from an experienced terminator. Our team, including more than 25 full-time terminators, works in our facility and on location to deliver a completed project that meets the designed specifications, on time and on budget.

Terminators are the final and crucial component of a successful installation. Experience and training build expertise, and Triune’s expert team of terminators works to ensure that your project is both complete and successful, and then we deliver the next step of professionalism with properly documented as-built drawings. A partnership with Triune is an investment in ease of operation and serviceability for years to come.


Testing and verification of new and existing systems is an essential component of any integrated system. Triune Electric’s team of experienced technicians always includes this in our scope of work as a matter of quality assurance, but we also can be a resource when third-party validation or diagnostics are required.


Data and communications cabling is a mainstay of any advanced electrical and controls systems, just as it is an integral part of the overall communications infrastructure of a building. Triune Electric works to install and certify structured cabling in copper and fiber optic environments. Triune’s team of electricians is trained and certified in the installation of Corning Fiber Optics.


The intricate details of a project often control the outcome, and experienced project management is one of the best ways to ensure that a job will be completed on time and on budget. Triune Electric’s team of experienced estimators and project managers work with customers to understand the project and map out the action plan to completion. Triune project managers are the key to strong starts, effective flexibility and expected outcomes. Our skills are not limited to planning and estimating, we are dedicated to seeing the entire project through to completion and making sure it is a coordinated effort from all parties involved.

Industrial Electrical Distribution Panels in North Carolina

  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Wiring


  • Installation
  • Wiring
  • Transfer Switching
  • I/O Feedback and PLC Installation


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Data Centers
  • Medical and Institutional Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities


One of the most important aspects of any environment is visibility which is achieved through lighting, and it has become one of the most expensive elements of many systems to operate. From industrial, to office, and to laboratories, Triune Electric can evaluate the true cost of operating your lighting system and recommend new systems to improve visibility and safety while offering considerable cost savings and a rapid ROI. With so many system options available, and a multitude of environments with special needs, choosing the right lighting to meet your specific needs and manage costs requires an experienced team.

Regularly working with customers to take advantage of such opportunities as the Duke Energy program, Triune is able to maximize energy efficiency and savings while ensuring the best lighting conditions are achieved in any environment.


  • Re-lamping, Re-ballasting
  • Fluorescent
  • H.I.D
  • Metal halide & high pressure sodium systems
  • LED


  • Lighting system energy analysis and retrofit solutions (including utility rebates)
  • Lighting systems maintenance contracts
  • Lighting control solutions, including dimming systems, and occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors
  • Photovoltaic (solar power) installations
  • Plug and receptacle load controls


Existing clients and those industrial operations experiencing an emergency situation can rely on the Triune team to respond in their time of need. In the case of emergency outages, call Triune and we’ll work with you to develop a plan of action to resolve mission critical electrical issues.


Upgrades and improvements are a part of operating commercial electrical systems, and aligning with a supplier with the ability to manage these efforts is key. Triune is able to handle all aspects of modernizing or maintaining systems with minimal interruptions to manufacturing production or service hours of a facility.


  • Power upgrades
  • Power quality (UPS, generators)
  • Conduit location
  • Load bank testing
  • Lighting
  • Equipment repairs
  • Warranty work
  • Wiring
  • Early response
  • Disaster recovery